How to Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote

How to Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote – day welcome to Firestickremote.com, everything we got us the fire Stick Alexa voice remote. the reason I have an Alexa voice remotes because I lost the darn thingI got a cube TV fire cube TV immediately lost the remote.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a good solution to stream TV shows or movies and even watch events live. However your TV won’t be so smart when you don’t learn how to pair your Amazon Fire Stick remote. By finding out how to pair different types of remotes, you’ll can get back in binge-watching the best shows right away.

How to Pair Your Amazon Fire Stick Remote

Your Amazon Fire Stick is easily paired with your Fire TV from the box. All you have to is to switch on your TV and begin streaming. However, your remote will sometimes lose connection with your Fire TV and requires to get paired manually. Here’s tips on how to pair an Amazon Fire Stick Remote:

1. Hold down the Home button on the remote for 20 seconds. Here is the button using the house icon. You might have to do that many times when it doesn’t pair on the initial few attempts. Fire tv remoteNote: It’s simpler to pair your remote if you’re standing within 10 feet of the Fire TV device.

2. Check the lights for the remote. The light through on top of the unit can change from the slow blink with a rapid blink. For 2nd generation Alexa voice remotes, an amber light will rapidly blink because the remote enters discovery mode.

3. Look for signals that this remote continues to be successfully paired. For 2nd generation Alexa voice remotes, the remote light can give off three blue flashes when it’s paired. For remotes with no light, look at the bottom of the TV screen for any message stating that the remote is connected.

How to Pair a Replacement Remote

In case your original remote was broken or lost, it is possible to pair your Fire Stick using one more remote. Here’s how to get it done.

1. Unplug your Fire Stick from your power outlet for 10 seconds.

2. Next, plug it back in. Following the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen displays, the remote is ready for pairing.

3. Click and hold the Home button to get 10 seconds. The new remote should automatically pair using your Amazon Fire TV.

4. You will find an on-screen message if this has successfully paired.

How to Pair a Second Remote

The Amazon Fire Stick may also be paired with any compatible third-party remotes. You could add as many as seven remote controls for your Fire Stick, and when you’ve reached your limit, you will have to un-pair one of these. Keep to the steps below to add one more remote for your Fire TV device.

1. Open the Settings menu on top of the screen. fire tv pair new remote

2. Next, select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices. fire tv stick pair remote

3. Then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes, and next Add New Remote. Your Amazon Fire TV will look for discoverable remotes and display them in a list. firestick remote connect

4. Press and hold the Home button on the new remote for 10 seconds. can't pair firestick remote

5. With your existing remote, choose the name of the new remote from the TV screen.

6. You will notice an on-screen message if this have been successfully paired.

How to Use Your Phone as a Fire Stick Remote

When you don’t want to purchase a brand new remote, you can easily use the Amazon Fire TV app as the remote. The app can be downloaded for an Amazon Fire phone, Fire Tablet, an Android device (version 4.0 or more), or even an iOS device (version 7.0 or more). To pair a remote while using app, follow these steps.

1. Download and install the Amazon Fire TV app. Be sure you download the app from AMZN Mobile LLC.

Note: Your smartphone and Amazon Fire Stick have to be about the same Wi-Fi network for your app to work.

2. Open the app and choose your Fire TV device. The app can have a list of devices in the bottom of the app screen.

3. Sign within your Amazon username and password.

4. Copy the four-digit PIN from a TV in your app. firestick replacement remote setup

5. Now you can use your phone to control your TV screen. Once pairing is finished, you will notice your remote buttons on the smartphone screen. You can keep to apply your device like a remote, or work with it to pair a new remote by using the steps in the last section using your app.

Reset the Amazon Fire Stick

If everything else fails, it’s possible to reset your Fire Stick. All you need to do is replace the batteries from the remote.

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To open the battery compartment to the back of the remote, put your thumb from the indentation in the back from the remote and slide the cover down.

If this still does not work, you may have to update your device. Learn how to update your Amazon Fire Stick here.

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