How to Sync Firestick Remote [Easy Solutions]

How to Sync Firestick Remote: The best possible source of your Fire TV remote not working will be the batteries. I realize, you’re thinking I’ve already changed the batteries twice already. The Fire TV remote is often a fickle beast simply likes new fully charged batteries before it can re-connect on your Fire TV box. I’ve tried changing in batteries using devices which can be all working great, but without the success. New batteries will be the key with this power starving remote.

Has your Amazon Fire TV Box and Fire TV Stick turn into slow? See my Fire TV Slowdown Answer right here.

This specific requirement for brand new batteries appears to be very true if your Fire TV box is close to problematic TV setup with AV, Speakers, WiFi Router all alongside each other.

If you’ve tried new from the package batteries and it’s still not working you very well may have a similar problem I needed below. Don’t fail to ask any questions you may have from the comments below this content.

Update: It’s easy to control you Fire TV Device with all the Amazon Echo & Amazon Echo Dot

If you’ve felt the annoyance of this Fire TV Voice Remote quickly not connecting I quickly learn how you believe. I’ve possessed a Fire TV since October 2014 and up to now it’s got handled every thing I’ve thrown with it. That is before 1 day a week ago once the remote quickly held disconnecting then passed on completely showing no signs of life.

I experienced a range of various fixes in order to get it for work again and then finally I have a brain wave and managed to bring the remote back again. It wasn’t through reading internet blogs and YouTube videos which I found this answer, it actually was from inspecting the remote more carefully. No, it wasn’t Amazon’s problem for creating inferior products it actually was my personal problem and in part down to cheap pound stores which litter the UK.

Sync Firestick Remote

After I required the battery compartment from the Fire TV remote it looked completely normal. It wasn’t until I raised the remote about eye level which I seen that there is a small chalky residue to the connectors from the battery compartment. After that it dawned on me when I looked over the room in a packet cheap pound shop batteries. On the list of cheap batteries had released battery acid to the Fire TV remote connectors blocking the latest from during.

How to use Fire TV if your remote won’t turn on?

However, Amazon provide an App for your named Amazon Fire TV Remote which is available too from the Android App Store and then the Apple App Store. Then you can control the Fire TV with all the app and go to step 2 listed below.

How to check if the Fire TV remote is connected with your Fire TV?

To find out if the Fire TV remote is connecting on your Fire TV box or dongle you have to go to the settings menu.

  • Settings -> Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  • Amazon Fire TV Remotes

This can explain to you what devices are at this time paired and from this point you will see when your remote is connecting. With my case any time fiddling with the batteries my remote seems in charge of some time then go away.

If everything else stops working, you will get the official Amazon Fire TV Remote replacement.

The Solution

resync firestick remote

I required a set mind screw driver and lightly crawled the connectors on the Remote at most finish. Cleaning the residue using a dry cloth when I crawled. The connector need to watch shiny and brand new again after this method. I placed the batteries back to and also remote connected again right away.

I’ve didn’t have troubles with the remote since and that I guess the moral from the story is often you will get what we give for… utter crap leaky batteries now.

Fire TV Quick Trick

  1. Keep down the Choose button for five seconds to set the remote in to pair setting.
  2. Keep down the Choose + Play buttons together for five seconds that will Restart this device.
  3. Restart this device: Settings -> System -> Restart, then when restarted disconnect the power cable for five seconds then connect back to.

On a few new Fire TV designs try having the ‘Home‘ button for Ten seconds.

Last Fire TV Remote Not Syncing Trick

Some users possess noted which interference from other routers WiFi Channel continues to be the problem. Changing this involves having a small bit more technical, but isn’t hard.

Login on your router (information on the device). Get WiFi Route and change to one more route. You need to use ‘WiFi Analyzer’ from Google Play to view the least used channel for the home.

Inform me when this previous trick worked to help to reconnect your Fire TV Remote?

Related to it will help you and I hope fixes your Fire TV problems. If you’ve had problems or learn all fixes then please leave a comment when I can update the tutorial.

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